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Periodic Table Placemats (including 3D!)

Periodic Table Placemats (including 3D!)

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We offer two kinds of photo periodic table placemats. The Laminated version is printed on top-quality paper and then laminated with a heavy, completely waterproof coating that is sealed around the edges. The lenticular 3D version is made entirely of plastic and is thus inherently waterproof. Both cost the same, and both are available individually or in 3- or 6-packs.

PLEASE NOTE: The lenticular 3D placemats have been updated to include all the most recently named elements. All elements from 1 to 118 now have final, approved names, so this is it, there will be no more changes to the standard periodic table. (The 2D laminated placemat remains un-updated until stock runs out, sorry.)

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