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We have two camera views of Behemoth, the robotic full-frame quilting machine installed at the studios of PaleGray Labs.

Stitch Cam is an overall view from the ceiling above. It shows the whole quilt as it's being formed. Stitch Head Cam is a camera mounted on the stitching head (the thing that moves around and does the actual stitching). When the machine is in operation you will see the beam and stitch head moving around the frame laying down a line of thread on a stretched frame of cloth. You might also see Theodore, Nina, or Gretchen leaning over or under the machine fixing broken threads or pulling the quilt in or out of the machine. 

There's something going on a few times a week, and if you want to be notified when there's something to watch, sign up for our email list below (this is a special list used only for machine activity notifications).

BROWSER NOTE: I sometimes have trouble viewing these cams in Safari. Not sure why that would be, but if you have trouble, try using Chrome instead. Unfortunately this is out of my control: The video is coming directly from the Nest/Dropcam website. Considering that they are owned by Google, it's perhaps no surprise that the feed works best in Chrome.