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Public Appearances in Beijing, July 19-22

I wil be giving five (!) public talks in a row at the Beijing Science Festival over the weekend of July 19-22. Although I will give five talks, there are only two different talks: one talk (three times) on Chemistry/Elements/Molecules/Reactions, and one talk (two times) on my new "Things" book project. This link gives details about the festival (in Chinese):

I don't exactly see where it lists the times of my talks, but they are:

           July 19 at 14:00
           July 20 at 11:00 and 14:00
           July 21 at 14:00
           July 22 at 11:00

Phew, I'm tired already! As for the location, well, hopefully if you're in China and want to go to these talks your Chinese is better than mine and you'll be able to navigate the site to figure it out. All I could get out of Google translate is "This uncle is really interesting." which I think is referring to me.

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