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Custom Word Quilt

Custom Word Quilt

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We can make a quilt out of any set of words you like! We'll even do naughty words, if that's what you want. When you place your order you'll have a chance to specify which words specifically you want. Keep in mind that the fewer words there are, the better they will look: 10-30 words maximum is a good target. "Happy Birthday Bob"? The sky's the limit on quilted word cleverness. 

Reverse appliqué letters (which means different color fabric for the letters) is available for an extra charge. (If you know what reverse appliqué is and are willing to do your own cutting out of the letters, you can order at the regular price and ask add a comment that you'd like double fabric so you can cut our your letters: No extra charge for that.)

Include special requests for fabric color or layout in the form you will get on checkout and we'll get back to you if there's any trouble with your choices.

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