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A Cat Named Theodore

Last night I gave the first talk in the book tour promoting my new book Molecules, and I think it went pretty well, but forget about that, I have something much more exciting to tell you about!

I have a cat named after me!!

Just before my talk started, a kid named Owen came up and showed me this picture of his cat, who is named after me because Owen is such a big fan of my books! Wow. Just wow. I had another kid once who wanted me to sign his arm, and I thought that was pretty cool, but this is really an unprecedented honor. I guess the only thing left now is for someone to name a baby after me, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

P.S. Here is the arm-signing kid. On an unrelated note, I'm reminded by this picture that at the same event (the USA Science & Engineering Festival several years ago) another kid came to see my talk even though he had no idea who I was or what my books were about, simply because his name is Gray Theodore, and he had to find out who this Theodore Gray character was. I guess there's about as much reason for me telling you this as there was for him coming to meet me.

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