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BAFTA stands for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and the BAFTA awards are basically the British equivalent of the Emmy and/or Oscar awards, except that fewer people outside the UK have heard of them. The other difference, as of last night, is that I haven't won on Emmy or an Oscar.

The Disney Animated app that I wrote/directed, produced by the great team at Touchpress in cooperation with Disney Interactive and Walt Disney Animation Studios, and released about a year ago, just won a BAFTA award in the Children's Interactive category!  (I think this is kind of like a Daytime Emmy, or perhaps a Technical Emmy in a category like advanced camera lubrication technology.) The award is shared with Dave Bossert at Disney, plus Louise Rice and Matt Aitken at Touchpress. And of course many, many other people were involved in, and crucial to, the success of the app.

There was a nice dinner.

The swag was a bit thin....

Yes, I wore an actual suit with an actual tie! That's Dave next to me.

I'll add a rotation video of the actual award after Nick has had a chance to photograph it. That thing is HEAVY! It's really got a serious amount of metal in it.

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