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Dominating the bottom of the list!

Great news (for me and Nick): Our books now occupy the bottom two slots on the NYT Science Best Sellers list!

Molecules entered the list at #20 last month, and this month it has not only maintained its stellar position right at the very bottom, but has dragged its friend The Elements up to the #19 slot above it. (That makes The Elements something like the Dark Side of the Moon of books about the periodic table, since I hear that that particular record recently reentered the Billboard top-20 list.)

For my next trick, I plan to come in last at the next County Fair hot dog eating contest.

Hm, I need to start writing fewer shamelessly self-promotional blog posts. I think this will naturally start happening as I begin work on my next book, making the transition from promoting the last one to seeing if I can write another one. The next one will be the first book where I've been writing a regular blog while also writing a book, and I'm curious to see if I start posting odd facts I come across along the way, kind of like the way my girlfriend Nina Paley posts work-in-progress of her movies.

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