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I appear on Stage with Steve Jobs at WWDC 2003

Here I talk on stage with Steve Jobs the Apple World Wide Developer's Conference in 2003, about the introduction of Mathematica V5.0. This was exactly, to the day, 15 years after Jobs came to our announcement of Mathematica V1.0 to help introduce it to the world. The message was that Mathematica V5, together with the brand new G5 Macintoshes, was pretty cool, and pretty fast. Which it was for 2005. It's not a great talk, but there is a poignant bit at the end where I say, look where we've come in 15 years of partnership with Apple, and who knows where we'll be 15 years from now, maybe Steve and I will be shuffling around on stage together. It's just about 10 years later, and Jobs didn't make it. Say what you will, he was a great man, a good man, and his passing was a real loss to the world.

Watch the video here: 

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