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Public Appearance in Houston on Jan 27th, with 4K Projection

I'm giving a talk at the Houston Museum of Natural Science at 6:30PM on January 27th. (That's 2015, in case you're reading this blog post when it's really old. I mention this only because I once showed up to an event exactly a year late.)

The interesting possibility at this talk is that we will be projecting my images on their giant screen with what is claimed to be a very fancy 4K projector (i.e. IMAX-like resolution). I've never done that before, and it should be pretty cool since all the images I'll be using, including lots of rotating objects and some video, were shot at at least 4K resolution, or better. It should look really good, if all the technology works out.

I will be talking primarily about my Molecules book. Apparently they charge $18 for tickets ($12 for members of the museum). I can't really say whether I'm worth $18 for the hour, given that you can buy the whole book for about that much in print form, or less in app form. On the other hand, if you come to the talk you get to ask awkward questions, and/or get your book signed.

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