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Me on an NPR Podcast talking about something I don't know much about

A few years ago a radio show asked me what is the modern equivalent of Fahrenheit 451? In other words, at what temperature would an ebook reader ignite? I made up some stuff that mainly consisted of telling them how cool it is to grill laptop batteries. (They go off like rockets if you do it right. I've ignited the tops of tall trees this way.)

Anyway, the same people called me a few days ago to talk about another thing I'm not really an expert on: How to stop an email you didn't mean to send before it gets to the other end and destroys your life, career, or chance of getting any tonight.

Here's the podcast:

We talked for about 20 minutes and they edited it down to about two, which means they left out all the sensible suggestions and went for the more dramatic ones. But that's fine, because really the answer is "your screwed, it's too late" and none of the sensible, or dramatic, answers work anyway, unless you've prepared ahead of time for this eventuality, which removes all the fun from the question.

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