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WSJ Best Seller List!

Sorry for another gloating self-congratulatory blog post, but if they'd stop putting my book on best-seller lists, I'd stop feeling smug. (Actually, as long as my girlfriend is still my girlfriend I'll stay fairly smug just on that count alone.)

Anyway, today I learned that The Elements in static ebook format is #8 on the Wall Street Journal non-fiction ebook best-seller list.

This is largely due to the one-day $1.99 price promotion that ran last week, so it's kind of cheating. But then again, half the people on the list are probably cheating in a similar way, so I don't feel too bad about it.

Here are all the places you can get this static ebook edition (back at the regular price):




Google Play:

PLEASE NOTE: This is the static ebook edition, not the iPad App! Basically it's the same thing as the print edition, same words, same pictures, just on a screen instead of on paper. The iPap App lets you spin all the elements around with your finger, listen to Tom Leher's elements song (in English and Japanese), and do other such app-like things. The App also includes the full text in over a dozen languages, while the static ebook is English-only.

And of course it's always available in print from any bookseller.

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