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Today Only! The Elements Static eBook for $1.99 at All Major Stores

Amazon has selected the static ebook edition of The Elements as today's non-fiction digital Daily Deal, which means that for today only its $1.99 (instead of $10-$15 or something in that range). To celebrate, my publisher has made it $1.99 everywhere ebooks are sold. Here are direct links to the book at each of the major ebook stores:




Google Play:

So if you've been wanting The Elements on whatever device it is you have, today is your day!

PLEASE NOTE: This is the static ebook edition, not the iPad App! Basically it's the same thing as the print edition, same words, same pictures, just on a screen instead of on paper. The iPap App lets you spin all the elements around with your finger, listen to Tom Leher's elements song (in English and Japanese), and do other such app-like things. The App also includes the full text in over a dozen languages, while the static ebook is English-only. However, the app is not on sale: It's $13.99 as usual.

Both are nice, both have their strengths and weaknesses, but today, the static ebook is $1.99, so it's got an edge for the time being.

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