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Apple Celebrates Five Years of Touchpress

Ooo, such a tingly feeling to be on the front page of the App Store!

Today (and for the next week most likely, as these things generally turn over every Thursday) Apple has put up a whole row of icons on the home page of the US and UK App Stores (and possibly others) featuring a selection of Touchpress Apps, plus a special icon that takes you to a page all about our storied line of apps.

The occasion is our fifth anniversary as an app publishing company. Here's what the lovely, lovely page looks like. (Also, all these apps are on sale half price, so now's your chance. They're really quite good.)

And here's what the front page of the App Store looks like (scrolled down a bit, because, no, it's not the TOP line of icons, it's just one whole great big juicy line of icons, part way down)

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