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Public Appearances in China Next Week

I will be giving two public talks next week in China, one in Beijing and one in Hefei.

First, on the morning of Saturday, November 26th I will speak at the "2016 Tsinghua Maker's Day International Summit" at the invitation of my friend Prof. Ben Koo. I don't have exact details yet, so I will post an update when I know the exact time and location of this talk. There is a whole day of "maker" activities scheduled, as I understand it.

My talk there will be short (20 minutes) and I intend to speak mainly about computational thinking and how deep knowledge of a computer language changes your perspective on the world, much as knowledge of multiple human languages allows for a wider view. I expect to hang out at the Maker Day for the rest of the time it's open, and would be happy to speak to anyone who wants to talk about chemistry instead of computers.

Second, at 19:00 on Monday, November 28th I will speak at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei. I'd tell you where exactly, but I don't speak Chinese so I can't read the poster below. Hopefully if you're interested in coming to the talk, you do speak Chinese and you can read all about it in the poster.

This talk will be about elements and molecules, and what I've learned about how to speak to the public about chemistry.

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