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It's HERE!

It's Here!

It has parts!

It's huge!

It fit through the door!

It has a nice big working area!

It has a laser!

And a cutting head!

Yes, you guessed it, I just got a laser cutter! I'm so excited! I have no clue how to make it work!

This is a GU Eagle Advanced Automation model BF-1309 laser cutter, basically the small end of large-style laser cutters (it is, in fact, the smallest model offered by GU Eagle). It has a 130W CO2 laser tube, a water chilling unit to keep the tube cool, and a big blower fan to suck away the smoke and fumes from cutting whatever you're cutting. (I got a good deal on it from meeting the CEO on a recent trip to China.)

Why did I get a laser cutter? I'm starting on a new book project and I "need" it to make what I've decided to call "mechanical GIFs". It's too hard to explain what I mean by that, but hopefully pretty soon I'll have a couple that I can post images of (assuming the whole concept ends up working out as I hope it will).