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Boy/Girl Baby Quilts!

Boy/Girl Baby Quilts!


These fun little quilts come in two styles: A pretty pink estradiol molecule with pink trim, or a bouncy baby blue testosterone molecule with blue trim. How stereotypical is that? No cliche has been left unturned in the creation of these quilts. Please note, they are smaller than the other quilts we sell: They are close to what is considered a standard crib size (finished size 31" x 47", 78cm x 120cm). They are also made with thinner batting, making for a more traditional quilt-like feel that drapes softy.

PLEASE NOTE! There are many laws concerning the sale of children's bedding, primarily related to flame resistance treatments. We do not represent these quilts as meeting all of those requirements, and thus are not officially selling them for the purpose of being put in an actual baby's bed. Hanging on the wall, doll beds, etc, are fine, but you're on your own with a real baby. Kind of like being a parent in general.

The cloth on both sides is 100% unbleached cotton, and the batting is 80% cotton, 20% polyester. This material will burn, but will not cling to the skin like burning synthetics.

This is a video that shows the worst-case scenario for what happens if one of these quilts is lit on fire. Your call:


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