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Pi Day Quilt

(Please note: These are actually for sale, just scroll to the bottom if you want to order one....)

Tomorrow, which is Saturday March 14th, 2015, is being widely touted as a super-special pi day, because it's 3/14/15 and pi is 3.1415.... (Of course this only works in the US where we use the month/day/year system. Countries that use the more logical day/month/year system have their pi day on 31/4/15. Unfortunately April only has 30 days, so I suppose they have to celebrate it on May 1st.)

But back to the subject of pi day: Needless to say, I made a quilt for it!

Actually I had been paying no attention to pi day until yesterday when I heard the first people talking about it, but it just so happened that I had worked out a design for this quilt on a flight home from London a couple weeks ago, for no particular reason. Luck favors the prepared, eh?

I stitched it up yesterday in just about an hour. Here's a 60-second time lapse of that process recorded on the stitchcam:

Here are a few more pictures of it:

And guess what! If you like it, you can buy it (or one exactly like it)! Yes, now that we have experience with volume production, we are all about actually selling quilts, stitched by our fabulous robotic quilting machine that just loves to churn these things out. Order below, don't delay, you know you want one!

Pi Quilt
from 133.13

A fabulously nerdy quilt for an irrationally low price: $133.13 (the fourth root of pi) for a 46" square version and $314.15 for the full Queen size (94" square)! This beautiful, warm, puffy quilt displays over a hundred digits of pi rendered entirely in stitches for a gorgeous sculptural look. 100% cotton top and back fabric with 100% polyester batting. There is a choice of fabric and thread colors, but we strongly recommend unbleached cotton with natural unbleached thread. This allows the texture to really stand out.

If you want even more pi, we also have a remarkable circular quilt that contains all the digits of pi. Seriously.

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