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Exhibiting at the Boneyard Arts Festival

PaleGray Labs (which is the textile collaboration of Theodore Gray and Nina Paley) will be hosting an open studio and show of hand-made and robot-stitched quilts at the 2016 Boneyard Arts Festival in Urbana, Illinois on April 8-9. Come to our studio in downtown Urbana to see quilts and the machines that make them! 

Come see Behemoth the giant quilting robot!

See the Quilt Cave, set up for this show only! With better lighting than in this terrible photo!

Enter the Quilt Vault and see the treasures within!

Hand made quilts of stunning beauty, safe in the Quilt Vault.

On exhibit along with the room-sized Behemoth will be our embroidery machine, sailmaking machine, and several foot-powered antique sewing machines, along with dozens of quilts. All the machines will be in operation making quilts and embroidered things throughout the show.

Our studio is located in the former bank building now known as County Plaza, which is across Main Street to the north of the County Courthouse, just north of Lincoln Square mall. Officially the address is 102 E. Main Street, Urbana, but actually you want to go around to the North side of the building on Water Street, then walk down the ramp towards the parking structure and enter the north door of the building.


In case you saw one of our quilted flyers around town, yes, we made those in our studio.. Here is the long-suffering Gretchen learning the fine art of quilt binding by using them as practice:

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