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Infinity Pi Quilt

I'm trying a new, slightly insane quilt: A version of our best-selling Pi Quilt, except with an infinite number of digits. Well, technically, we won't actually stitch all the digits, because once they get smaller than a single stitch around the outside, you couldn't actually see them anyway. But you can imagine they are all there.

I'm hoping that somewhere in the vicinity of five or ten thousand digits will actually be visible. (The file technically contains about 15,000 digits, but I suspect they will start to break down well before the end.) How will I know how many are actually visible? Easy! I'll look for the smallest visible ones, and then determine the very last ten or so digits that I can actually make out. Then I'll do a search in the sequence of digits to find at what position those ten digits occur (which will almost certainly be unique in the first billion or more digits).

I actually have no idea if this quilt is possible: It might get so bogged down around the outside that I give up. Time will tell (i.e. after about 3 days I'll probably give up.)

The quilt is starting now: If you see this any time in the range of May 3rd to 5th, you can probably see it running on the stitchcam.