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Animated Horse page


(Now available in smaller panels that include one or three horses.)

Our original animated quilt consists of twelve frames of Eadweard Muybridge's 1878 photographic study of the horse in motion. The quilt as a whole presents all twelve frames as a 94" square high-loft quilt. Display it on a wall or use it on a queen- or king-sized bed.* It doesn't actually move! 

Each horse is rendered with a different beautiful batik fabric through a reverse appliqué process. The quilt is stitched with individual colors of batik for each horse, covered by a layer of black fabric. After stitching is complete the black fabric covering the area of the horses is cut away, revealing the batik underneath. The thread color of the stitched pattern surrounding each horse beautifully reflects the unique colors in the batik.

*These quilts are technically machine washable, but raw-edge appliqué is very delicate, so please wash with great care - and dry clean only, to avoid shrinkage and puckering.

The smaller quilts are made of different combinations of the large quilt. They are a more manageable size for hanging. The horizontal orientation looks nice over a sofa, bed, or in a hallway. Each quilt is unique. In some cases we have stitched more than one with the same fabric/color combinations. In these cases, the shape of the horse and background may vary from the picture.