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Animated Horse Quilts


This animated quilt consists of twelve frames of Eadweard Muybridge's 1878 photographic study of the horse in motion. The original version of the quilt presents all twelve frames as a 94" square high-loft quilt. We now also offer single and triple panel slices of this quilt. 

Triple Horse Quilt, Vertical, (Blue, Brown, Multi-Green)

Triple Horse Quilt, Vertical, (Blue, Brown, Multi-Green)


This one of a kind three horse quilt is rendered with a beautiful batik fabric through a reverse appliqué process. The quilt is stitched with a layer of batik for the horse, covered by a layer of black fabric. After stitching is complete, the black fabric covering the area of the horse is cut away, revealing the batik underneath. The thread color of the pattern surrounding the horse beautifully reflects the unique colors in each horse.

Raw-edge appliqué is delicate, so please wash with care. Hand wash or dry clean only if you want to make sure it doesn't shrink or pucker.

This 30 x 68 inch panel is three frames from our 12-frame Animated Horse Quilt.

Cotton fabric, polyester batting, cotton/polyester thread, cotton twill binding

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