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Nina's movie (that isn't her fault) is out!

A few of you may know that the only reason I got into making periodic table quilts (and molecule quilts and Pi quilts) and other such nonsense is that my girlfriend Nina bought a giant quilt-making robot. And the main reason she bought that machine was that she needed to invest some otherwise taxable income from a Hollywood movie gig. It was kind of a question of beating blood money into quilts, or something like that.

Well, that movie is finally out! It's called The Prophet, produced by Salma Hayek and directed by Roger Allers (The Lion King). Here's the official trailer on YouTube.

The movie has received mixed reviews, but you can't blame Nina for that, because it was produced as a collaboration in which half a dozen well-known animators each contributed segments in their own unique styles (with glue in between that makes them all hang together).

Her segment is, of course, fabulous, and if you don't believe me, this is what the Village Voice has to say:

Of the film’s team of idiosyncratic but somewhat timid animators, only Nina Paley (writer-director of Sita Sings the Blues) delivers a segment — traditional shadow puppets are plunged into a vortex of psychedelic abstract shapes — that is viscerally engrossing enough to bring Gibran’s writing to life. Paley’s segment proves that The Prophet is more of a missed opportunity than an ambitious folly.

The Prophet has a 69% Rotten Tomatoes score, while Nina's own movie Site Sings the Blues has a 100% score, proving, as if any further proof were necessary, that 100% Nina is much better than merely fractional Nina.

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