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Reactions! Actual Copies Arriving! Pre-order Now Possible (and Highly Recommended)!

My new book, Reactions is actually a reality now! I have a handful of copies in hand, and it's loverly!  (No, not enough to send you one, not even if you're related to me, come on, I've only got like three of them.)

Reactions is the sequel to Molecules, which is the sequel to The Elements. Together they form a trilogy that covers all of chemistry. (To the extent that any of my books can be said to "cover" a topic, since they are mostly pictures and stories, not some kind of textbook exposition. You get my books if you want to find out what's interesting about a topic, not if you want a substitute for taking a class on the subject.)

The official on-sale date is October 17th, but you can pre-order copies of Reactions right now, either an autographed copy from me, or a regular version from any of the major online booksellers (that link is to the publisher's website, where you will find a popup menu listing all the different sellers).

Right now there is a second option for getting a pre-autographed copy. Several months ago, before the books were printed, they chained me to a desk and forced me to sign hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of sheets of paper, which were then shipped back to the printer to be bound into copies of the book. Those are now for sale, with the most copies available from Barnes & Noble while their stock lasts. (They're selling autographed copies cheaper than I am, because they are much more efficient at packing and shipping stuff, since that is actually their business. But if you order from me, you can request a custom inscription, so there's that.)

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