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The Elements (Autographed Copy)

The Elements (Autographed Copy)


This is it: The best book about elements ever, and I'm not just saying that because I wrote it. I'm saying that because I wrote it and my ego is out of control. But seriously, this book has sold over a million copies in 23 languages, and has been downloaded even more than that in iPad App form. People like it. Your nephew who is into science will like it. Anyone who gets this book as a gift will think you're just the most amazing person for having found them such a lovely and unexpectedly delightful item. If you don't believe me, just check out my Amazon reviews: 275 five-star reviews as of this moment. Which I guess does raise the point that you can order this book from Amazon, or any other online bookseller, instead of buying it here. In fact, it's cheaper from anyone else, and you'll probably get it faster too. The only reason to buy it directly from me is if you want an autographed copy. (Especially for international orders you can probably get it much cheaper elsewhere.)

(For amusement, feel free to check out my three one-star reviews. Two of them complain that their paperback edition fell apart (I sell only the hardcover on my site), and one complains that I have a liberal agenda because apparently I said something about global warming.)

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