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Beautiful Periodic Table Posters

Beautiful Periodic Table Posters

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This iconic periodic table poster can be found in school, universities, homes, libraries, and even television shows (Hannah Montana, MythBusters, NUMB3RS, The Ellen Degeneres Show, etc). The 27" x 53" (68cm x 134cm) size is huge, laminated, and double-sided (the back side includes more data about each element, but a smaller photo). The 20" x 40" (50cm x 100cm) is closer to the size of a normal poster, and is only single-sided (but still laminated). All versions are printed in Pennsylvania on top-quality paper with high-resolution printing methods.

A two-pack of the large size is available at a special price in case you want to hang both sides facing out.

PLEASE NOTE: The 27" x 53" size has been updated to include all the most recently named elements. All elements from 1 to 118 now have final, approved names, so this is it, there will be no more changes to the standard periodic table. (The 20" x 40" size remains un-updated until we run out of stock, sorry.)

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